Press For "The Fire's Heart"

Conflicted characters and poetic images distinguish this tuneful collection from Seahorse, aka Willamette Valley-based guitarist/songwriter Rich Swanger and whatever players he rings around his sweetly soothing melodies. Songs like “This Little Light” and “Mansion” nod in the direction of folk/Americana forebears like Hank Williams and Bruce Springsteen, minus the former’s twang and the latter’s gravitas. Highlights: “Nightingale,” “Tyndall Rose,” “Anchor” (“I don’t know where I’m going/ I don’t know where you’ve been/ All I know is the boat keeps drifting/ And the fog comes crawling through the bay”). Bliss Bowen - Pasadena Weekly

This highly listenable second album spotlights Rich Swanger, an excellent Oregon-based folksinger/songwriter, and his capable backup group. Swanger applies his distinctive vocals to a set of self-penned meditations and fairytales. Jeff Burger - No Depression

"...the songs and stories shared on this album offer both depth and heart, something we need more of in today's battered and bruised music scene. "  Andrew W. Griffin - Red Dirt Report

“Unlike the sister release on the Bric-a-Brac label by Whiskey Priest (also a singer-sognwriter guy hiding behind a band name, i.e. Noah Hall) Salem, OR's other folkie, Seahorse's Rich Swanger, is more the bluesy school of Nick Drake lush folk. Swanger also succeeds for a different reason, but the same result: another cut-above voice and a feeling of intimacy with the production on dusky tunes like "Just Beyond the Hill." What's good about these is that they both feel finely considered, truly finished songs, with just enough little keyboard additions to make them resonate still more.” Jack Rabid - Big Takeover

“‘The Fire’s Heart’ is the perfect name for an album that captures the lonely spirits that endear the shadows of Americana.” Jeremy Wood - Innocent Words